Future Solutions

Here, you can find some of the potential methods and technologies of clearing the airwaves for the future, from theoretical, through common sense, to already-patented and just waiting to be put into service.

  • Create “Wave Free Zones” – as advised by the Council of Europe, Parliamentary Assembly : resolution 1815(2011) – an absolute must to anyone already suffering from Electromagnetic Sensitivity. Just as non-smokers and those attempting to stop smoking enjoy smoke-free areas, so would those wishing to enjoy an electromagnetic pollution-free zone.
  • Completely revise EMR safety limits across the globe.
  • Create laws making it mandatory for WiFi routers and Cordless Phones to NOT transmit continuously, but rather, only when in use.
  • Similarly, introduce laws enforcing “minimum transmission necessary” guidelines for Smart Phones and other devices.
  • LiFi – under development as this website was being written, a new type of WiFi using light instead of microwaves. Potentially less harmful to humans, although adequate testing will be required. LiFi also promises to be faster and more secure than conventional WiFi.
  • Raised Pulse Frequency – Some authorities theorise that if you alter the frequency at which the carrier wave is pulsed to above 600Hz, the pulses would then be outside the potential damage window for humans. This is a simple change that may mitigate some damage at least. N.B. even if the carrier wave itself is above the 600Hz threshold, the frequency at which information is pulsed is usually not.
  • Random ELF noise – Add random ELF noise over any broadcast. This should at least render extra safety to anyone within a short distance of a transmitting device. An easy addition to any cell phone.
  • Inverted Second Wave – Superimpose an inverted second wave over any transmission at a very similar frequency. This would be require double the bandwidth but should render anything broadcast as biologically harmless at any range.

These potential solutions will take time to enter everyday life, so until tech companies and governments see that it’s worthwhile catching up with thinking safely, don’t forget to check out the Current Solutions page.