More Links

  • The BabySafe Project – informing women about the risk that wireless radiation poses to pregnancy and urging  expectant mothers to limit their exposures
  • National Association for Children and Safe Technology – To advance policies regarding technology that safeguard children’s health and well being in order to ensure a strong future
  • – set up by a group of scientists concerned about the rapid spread of wireless technologies in schools
  • – UK charity working towards the recognition of Electromagnetic Sensitivity (ES) and offering support and information to those already suffering
  • – Charity and support group for people with Environmental illness including Electromagnetic Sensitivity (ES)
  • – The Canadian initiative to stop wireless, electric and electromagnetic pollution
  • – Case studies, facts and links
  • Electrosmog Bibiographies Collection – Large collection of studies concerning e-pollution/electrosmog
  • – organisation representing citizens concerned about the proliferation of wireless technologies and their impact on health
  • – Electromagnetic Radiation Safety Website
  • – Establishing a network to represent and support individuals and local communities adversely affected by electromagnetic radiation in Ireland
  • – excellent resource
  • – helping you reduce the risks from using wireless products
  • EMF Safety Network – Helping people improve their health and vitality by reducing EMF’s, and inspiring action to protect communities and nature
  • – Practical tips for coping with chemical and electrical hypersensitivity
  • – Spreading the word on wired internet


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