Active EMR Sources

Here, you will find a list of the main devices and technologies that purposefully transmit electromagnetic radiation –  known to affect human beings and other organisms at a biological level.

  • Wireless internet, WiFi, WiMax etc – most people leave their WiFi on 24/7 allowing a constant stream of electromagnetic radiation into their homes. Wireless routers are constantly  transmitting even when they are not doing anything. See also WiFi Studies.
  • Cell Phones – although used less, they emit a stronger signal than WiFi hubs. Coupled with the fact they are used in much closer proximity to the brain and body, the potential for damage is equally alarming.
    See also Cell Phone Studies.
  • Cordless Phones – most cordless phone basestations transmit continuously, whether being used or not. There are a few exceptions. See also Cordless (DECT Telephone Studies.
  • Smart Meters – there are many complaints of ill health appearing immediately after having a smart meter installed. See also Smart Meter Studies.
  • Bluetooth – while being among the weaker signals transmitted, constant use of Bluetooth devices is worth avoiding.
  • Baby Monitors – children have thinner skulls and their brains are still developing, which means extra care should be taken with regard to any potentially harmful effects of EMR.
  • Microwave ovens – despite shielding and sealants, most microwave ovens leak high levels of EMR into your kitchen and around the house.